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Independent What Now?

25 years on, we feel we're onto something.

'Why didn't anyone tell me this stuff when I was at school?' is really the starting point for what has become a unique and highly influential organisation in education. It was a question asked by Independent Thinking founder Ian Gilbert many years ago and led him to do something about it, first as a French teacher and then through the work nationally and internationally of Independent Thinking, the Independent Thinking Press and some very talented educators who have become Associates and friends.

As the areas that Independent Thinking address have widened from teaching and learning, motivation and creativity to leadership, social justice, neuroscience, the environment and well-being, our core principle has remained the same - if you take people's brains for a walk, you change their lives.

And that changes everything.

In May 2019 we celebrated our 25th birthday. We're still evolving and we're still messing with people's heads in order to make education even better.

We look forward to walking a million more brains in the next 25 years.



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