“The line between the real, the possible and the impossible is so fine it’s not worth worrying about”
David Cameron
David – or the ‘Real David Cameron’ as we all know him – has a unique view of the educational landscape. His experience stretches from leadership of children’s services at authority level to the classroom, from the development of national educational policy to its implementation in schools and takes in work at national and regional level in both Scotland and England.

The lead on Scotland’s Outdoors Education strategy, he was also involved in the devolved management of schools initiative and was a central player in Scotland’s challenging Curriculum for Excellence project. A highly entertaining and engaging speaker, he has worked across the UK with teachers, school leaders and governors and is currently chair of the York Education Partnership.

He is behind Creative Conversations in Edinburgh, bringing together artists and educators, is a leading player in Scotland’s regular Festival of Dangerous Ideas and helped draft Creative Scotland’s recent manifesto on learning and creativity.
"We must remain open to questions and to the evolution of ideas while remaining true to our values" - There is Another Way

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  • David has been with Independent Thinking since January 2014 and is one of The 33

  • David's Basic Disclosure Scotland certificate number is 200000007241055 issued on 25th November 2016

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Feedback from recent events include:

"Thank-you so much again for your inspiring talk at the West Sussex Primary Leadership conference. It really moved me – how you understood where we are at and gave us enough – in a short space of time – to question what we do, why we do it and what we can do about it. I could feel your passion and you so eloquently encapsulated all that we had heard over the two days and intertwined it beautifully with the wealth of experience and knowledge that you have and then shared it with us in such a way that was so inspiring. It blew me away and as I was driving home I just wanted to hear it all again."

"Great to hear a Scottish voice talking sense and with such passion and humour!"

"David was great. His delivery style and content suited the needs of our conference brilliantly and he was able to adapt his presentation at the very last minute when the hotel announced that they were really sorry but that we had no Wifi on Thursday morning!!!! His sense of humour, deep and broad understanding of the Cumbrian and national context was very heartening and the Cumbrian Heads were really appreciative of David's input to the conference"

"A big thank you for today, I really enjoyed it and found it very useful. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about reflecting on our own experiences in school, and creating a sense of identity for all. The school develop discussion and three simple questions were also very useful"

"I wonder if you could pass on a huge thank you to David for his talk to our PG Learning and Teaching staff and students. It was such a high point in an excellent weekend. David’s passion, knowledge, humour and sense of purpose is truly remarkable. I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our sincere thanks to him for his thought-provoking, inspiring and hugely entertaining contribution to our weekend".


23rd April 2018 - When Leadership Really Matters – Education, Leadership and Interesting Times

This one day conference for school leaders everywhere brings together some of the most respected voices in leadership education.

Parent Event

For many schools, getting parents to the school for an event is something that is only beaten in difficulty by getting the right parents to school for an event. That said, the parents who do come to our Learning and Motivation for Parents Events always head home buzzing with ideas that are not only helpful in dealing with their children but also very relevant for their own careers and personal development.

Governor Event

Being a governor is an incredibly important task these days so we are delighted when we are asked to support them in their work in all sorts of schools around the country. Apart from ensuring the event is an entertaining and enjoyable one for all, especialy as it is so often on a rainy Saturday, we make sure our input is informative, relevant, up to date and guarantees all governors go back into their schools knowing what to look for, what to do and the rights sorts of questions to ask.